At Rolltation, our goal is to provide a fresh and healthy meal to our communities. Our entire menu is made fresh to order only. Our mouth watering recipes are Asian inspired to enhance the experience to the next level.

Every burrito/bowl contains a mix of great protein and fresh veggies – it’s a pack of nutrition for your everyday activities.
Our sauces are housemade and inspired by a fusion of flavours from the east.

All ingredients are prepped fresh daily.

We take pride in
sourcing our protein
in a high quality and

sustainable way

Our Sashimi Graded Atlantic Salmon is BAP Certificated
We want to achieve Healthy Food, Healthy People and Healthy Planet. We choose our protein in a responsible way by using BAP certificated Sashimi Graded Salmon only. Alongside with quality protein like made to order Chicken and Rib Eye steak slices, Rolltation guarantees that every bite is full of great quality.”



new ways to be

Be kind to
the earth.

Our packaging is eco-friendly and made with 100% recyclable and compostable material only.

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